Award Winning Eco Accommodation

The Daintree Wilderness Lodge has been designed to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment, being awarded the Advanced Ecotourism Eco Certificate, which illustrates our commitment to maintaining an Eco Friendly Resort.

Considerable effort has been taken to reduce our force on the environment, including waste, pollution and noise pollution. Steps were taken from the beginning of building the lodge to preserve the rainforest which makes us a highly regarded Eco Accommodation example within the area of the Daintree National Park.

Our Eco lodge utilises walkways and stilts to minimise impact on the canopy floor ensuring our Eco accommodation credentials are well deserved. The rainforest has such a delicate Eco-system and every element plays a vital role in maintaining its life-force.

  • Our Contributions

    Daintree Wilderness Lodge seeks to protect all environments but is especially committed to the Rainforest as it is so scarce in Australia and throughout the world. The wet tropics contain an almost complete record of the major stages in the evolution of plant life on earth.

    We have therefore selected the Rescue Rainforest Foundation to receive our main contributions.

  • Water Conservation and treatment

    Spring water, which is accessed via a bore, supplies the entire resort with fresh water,. It is completely safe to drink and is tested regularly. No chlorine is found in the water which makes it healthier to drink and reduces environmental factors overall.

    It has a fantastic sweet taste to it.

  • The Bio Cycle

    The Water Waste system manufactured by Bio Cycle was the first to be installed in the wet tropics area and has since been adapted by many other local businesses as their preferred waste-water system.

    The system works with bacteria that break down disposal from the showers, toilets and sinks and has been working effectively for over 12years.

    Guests should be conscious of not using any harsh chemicals or sanitary products during their stay. These include laundry detergents, strong bleaches or hair dyes and especially feminine hygiene products and wet wipes.

    Our cleaning products are therefore all non-toxic, biodegradable and free of petrochemicals and phosphates.

  • Our Power Source

    The area located north of the Daintree River has no access to electricity or mains power. The entire region therefore runs on generated power. Daintree Wilderness Lodge is the only resort that runs on a combination of power sources, namely generated and battery power. This allows visitors to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the incessant hum in the background and reduces our carbon emission into the atmosphere.

    We use low-voltage and long-life globes and conserve energy in keeping with our Eco Accreditation.

  • Conservation

    We encourage the natural feeding patterns of all animals and do not believe in destroying any, even if they are sometimes frowned upon by guests (like rats and mosquitoes). All animals are important in the cycle of life within the rainforest and each plays its part in creating it. We don’t allow pets or non-native plants for this reason.

  • The History Of Construction

    The design and construction of the lodge were taken on by Anna Graham and her late husband Mal.

    As quoted by Anna: “We simply did what felt right in our hearts. Such a low-impact project had not been attempted within the entire World Heritage Listed area before.”

    The results included:

    -Many trees were simply built around with some original trees and vines now growing through the floors and roofs. Only two trees were removed during the entire project.
    -Clearing was done by hand (crow bar and shovel). No machinery at all was used.
    -No rainforest timber was used. Cyprus pine was used.
    -All services were placed above ground to prevent any disturbance to the forest floor.