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Daintree Rainforest Activities

During your stay, it is crucial to try and capture the essence of what the rainforest has to offer. Once you have crossed the Daintree River, you are truly in the heart of the rainforest area. The Daintree National Park surrounds all sides with very little freehold land remaining.  You will find the area incredibly green with a startling lushness as you enter deeper into the canopies.

Upon arrival at the lodge at Daintree National Park, you will be given a map which will illustrate everything there is to do in the area, we will also discuss your plans and personal preferences before booking your tours and activities

It is hard to predict the weather far in advance and it is best to organise everything when we have a week’s weather forecast.

Adventurous Options

Here are just some of the things you could do in the area:

  • Guided walks through World Heritage Listed rainforest (Day and Night available)
  • Bird, crocodile and wildlife cruises on the Daintree River and Cooper Creek
  • Snorkelling and diving exploration on the Great Barrier Reef
  • 4X4 Tours to Cooktown and Bloomfield Falls
  • Fishing Tours
  • Discovery Centre
  • Exotic Fruit Tasting
  • Various self-guided walks through the rainforest and mangroves
  • Secret swimming holes
  • Beautiful untouched beaches with white sand and coral views where the rainforest meets the reef
  • Ice-cream tasting (within walking distance)
  • Jungle Surfing (abseiling through the rainforest)
  • Sea-kayaking in Cape Tribulation and to Snapper Island
  • Electric Adventure Tours (eco mountain-biking)